2019.7.2 - ETC / ByteDance / MINISO / Baidu Self-driving Cars

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中国两大靠前的电子支付平台,支付宝和微信支付,在同一天宣布支持车主申领 ETC,也就是可以在高速公路收费站自动扣款,无需停车付款的设备。

Both of the leading payment platforms in China - Alipay and WeChat pay announced support of applying ETC cards and devices. ETC automatically finished highway toll payments and helping cars crossing toll stations directly without any stop.

支付宝与中国邮政储蓄银行合作开展免费申领 ETC 的活动。车主申领时先交押金,激活后押金退还,可以免费获得卡和设备。微信则是通过 50 多个第三方小程序来实现办卡,各个服务商的优惠政策不同。

Alipay launched a campaign with China Postal Savings Bank to send ETC cards and devices as a free gift. The only thing car owners need to do is pay the deposit, which would be returned after activated the ETC. WeChat ETC application went available via 50+ 3rd-party mini programs, while their policies varied.

有证券公司统计,到年底如果要实现国内汽车安装 ETC 的数量超过90%的话,那么意味着将会有 1.4 亿辆汽车,在今年之内安装 ETC。除了支付平台之外,全国有多个发卡银行也在推行倒贴钱送 ETC 的计划。有分析人士认为这将会激活信用卡的使用频率,以及修车保养等汽车后服务市场。

Statistics from securities firms showed around 140 million cars need to install ETC within the year to meet the goal of a 90% domestic ETC acceptance rate. Besides payment platforms, several Chinese banks with credit card services also provide free ETC installation campaigns. Analysis suggested this will increase the frequency of bank card usage and after-sales service market such as car repair and maintenance.





字节跳动 ByteDance

昨日有两家公司被媒体报道准备 IPO,分别是“10元店”名创优品,以及抖音的母公司字节跳动。

Yesterday, two companies were reported preparing for IPO: MINISO, the “$2 budget convenient store” and ByteDance, the parent company of Tik Tok.

《华尔街日报》报道称字节跳动预计将于今年或明年上市,目前估值为 750 亿美元。之前有消息说,公司近期有一些旧股转让,转让价格为估值 600 亿到 660 亿美元。去年 10 月公司完成了一轮估值约为 750 亿美元的 Pre-IPO 融资。

WSJ reported ByteDance may go to open market in this or next year, its valuation among $75 billion right now. Earlier it is said that the company transferred some old shares with valuation of $60-66 million. Last October the company completed a round of pre-IPO financing with a valuation of approx. $75 billion.

字节跳动之前否认了今年 2 月份传出将在上海证交所科创板上市的消息,以及 2018 年 7 月传出将在香港上市的消息。

ByteDance denied the rumors of going to SSE STAR Market this February, and going to HK stock market in July 2018 respectively.




成立于 2013 年的名创优品,是中国企业家叶国富的第二个连锁零售品牌。公司在 2018 年已经开设了 3500 家门店,遍布全球 79 个国家和地区,营收 170 亿元,员工总数超过 3 万人。与此同时,叶国富本人也以 100 亿元的身价登上了胡润富豪排行榜。

Founded in 2013, MINISO is the second chain retail brand of Chinese entrepreneur Ye Guofu. In 2018, the company has opened 3,500 stores in 79 countries and regions with revenues of 17 billion yuan and more than 30,000 employees. At the same time, Ye boarded the Hurun Regal list with a value of 10 billion yuan.

名创优品在 2018 年 9 月与腾讯和高瓴资本签署 10 亿元战略投资协议,这是该公司首次引入外部资本。同年,公司表示有 96% 的门店已经实现盈利。

In September 2018, MINISO signed a strategic investment agreement with Tencent and Hillhouse Capital Group, which was the first time the company introduced external capital. In the same year, the company said that 96% of its stores have achieved profitability.


The preparation of MINISO’s IPO started in January 2018. Bloomberg’s latest report said the IPO will raise about $1 billion, and there is no specific time and place - either in Hong Kong or in the US.



百度无人车 Baidu Self-driving Cars

北京为百度的自动驾驶车辆颁发了首批 T4 级别的测试牌照,这是目前全国技术等级最高,测试场景最难的开放道路自动驾驶牌照。

Beijing government has granted the first batch of T4 test licenses for Baidu’s self-driving vehicles. This is the nation’s top open road auto-driving license with the highest technical level and the most difficult test scenario.

申请 T4 牌照要求汽车能穿过隧道、学校等区域,应对行人违法通行,施工路段绕行等复杂场景,识别潮汐车道,路口左弯待转、临时红绿灯等特殊的交通标志,还要具备超车、坡道起步、停车入库、侧方停车等能力。

To apply for a T4 license, the cars must pass through areas like tunnels and schools, deal with complicated scenes and signs such as rushing pedestrians, construction roadblocks, tidal lanes, left-turn waiting zones, temporary traffic lights. Abilities such as ramp start, reverse parking and side parking are also required.

获得这一牌照车辆需要进行不少于 5000 公里的测试,并一次性通过 102 项场景覆盖测试。百度目前在北京拥有 45 辆测试车,总测试里程接近 14 万公里,是北京所有厂家自动驾驶测试路程之和的 91%。

Vehicles that receive this license are required to perform tests of no less than 5,000 kilometers and pass 102 scenario tests at one time. Baidu currently has 45 test vehicles in Beijing, with a total test mileage of nearly 140,000 kilometers, which is 91% of the sum of all manufacturers’ test mileage in this city.


Vehicles equipped with previous version of Baidu’s Apollo self-driving system were tested in US cities such as the San Francisco Bay Area. In 2019, Volvo and Ford joined Apollo tests on Chinese roads. Apollo’s partners also include Chery, BYD, Great Wall, Hyundai, Kia Motors, Ford, etc.




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