2019.7.1 - Software industry, Garbage classification, Douban FM


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软件产业 Software industry


MIIT, a Chinese government division said that in the first 5 months of 2019, China’s software industry has achieved a total of 2.63 trillion Yuan of revenue, increased 14.7% year-on-year. The revenue of the full year 2018 was 6.3 trillion yuan with a 14.2% increase yoy.


Two days ago Miao Wei 苗圩, the minister of MIIT spoke at the opening ceremony of the 23rd Chinese International Software Exposition that the country’s following job will be focused on several points: To strengthen the definition of software at newly born fields like the industrial Internet, big data, AI, Connected cars; Establish and improve 3rd party services like software engineering, testing and quality protection; Enhance IPR protection; Push international software cooperation to share the advantages of the Belt and Road Initiative.


Recently, some events showed the drawback on software technologies in China. For example, Huawei have to import chip developing software since there is no efficient domestic alternatives. Miao also stressed the importance of nurturing core software technologies and leading enterprises in future.




垃圾分类 Garbage classification


Shanghai became the first major Chinese city that fully applied Garbage Classification policies. Message shows such policies will soon be promoted to other mega cities including Beijing. The most strict rules and penalties in history making people very uncomfortable. Some devices and services are introduced into the Chinese market to meet people’s sudden needs.


One of them is Kitchen waste processor, which may familiar to North American homes. This machine can break up all the leftover foods and wastes into fluids then rush them into the sewer. Chinese website providing detailed reviews introducing the key properties, such as power and capacity (bigger is better).


In Taobao, the biggest online market in China, a search of dustbins leads to dozens of pages of products that added keywords “Shanghai” and “garbage classification”. One shop manager said to Chinese media they sold 10 to 20 times more dustbins than usual in the entire June.


There is also a newly born job: people being summoned through the Internet helping their employer to collect the garbage with a customized experience. If hard working enough, their monthly wages may even reach over 10,000 yuan.




豆瓣 FM Douban FM

在中国类似潘多拉的音乐服务豆瓣 FM 宣布推出了一个新的移动版本,成为其被数字音乐版权平台 VFine Music 收购的标志。收购之前的 2 月,豆瓣 FM 获得腾讯音乐等的战略投资。

Douban FM, a Chinese music service like Pandora announced a new version of its mobile apps. It is a sign of their recent change - being acquired by VFine Music, a digital music copyright platform. Before the acquisition, Double FM gained strategic venture from TME, Tencent Music Entertainment Group and others this February.

新的收购方承诺,对豆瓣 FM 过去 10 年来所积累的用户信息予以保留。但是不得不剥离这一服务,对于豆瓣这个以图书和电影评论起家的网站而言,是搞多元化经营并不成功的体现。

Their new parent company promised to keep the user message that Douban FM accumulated in the past 10 years. However, stripping music streaming service itself already reflected Douban’s failure at diversified development, after its bootstrap of collecting book and movie reviews.


As a legendary and unconventional internet product in China, Douban keeps its slow pace in over a decade while never be defeated by other speedy expanded giants. There are some analysis pointed out Douban missed several opportunities to go big, such as a bad decision they’ve made in the dawn of mobile internet era. They supposed user wanted to separate each sections of its whole website into individual apps, but the trend turned out to be on the contrary: people like huge all-in-one APP that puts all the functions together. When Douban acknowledged this mistake and try to fix it, 3-4 years has passed.

不过豆瓣是一个相对比较公平和专业的图书,电影等产品的评论社区。相对于 IMDB、烂番茄等国外同类产品,在中国豆瓣面对的环境更差,包括网民数量更多而出现骚扰者,而较不发达的电影产业导致花钱购买正面评论的现象。要想保持公允的评价环境,对豆瓣来说永远是艰难的。

But Douban managed to be a relatively fair and professional comment community. Compared to overseas conterparts like IMDB or Rotten Tomatoes, Douban faces a worse condition in China. More netizens brought serious trolling problems. Less developed film industry lead to paid positive comments. It is always hard for Douban to keep its fair and balanced environment.




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