What’s tagged…and Fanbox?

Below are part of conversation between a friend of mine and I via Gtalk.

WaveF: what is tagged? spam site or…thanks your invite but i think you should watch this first: http://www.intuitive.com/blog/is_tagged_a_spam_site_or_what.html

LonelyJames: well, i don’t expected that it may send invites automatically..but it’s not a Malicious site, i think..

WaveF: never mind ^_^, in fact i clicked the “YES” button and start my register, i just stopped when the site ask for my gmail password.

LonelyJames: it’s necessary if a site wanna read contact lists from gmail, but i think if they redirect it to google-hosted login page, it will be better.

WaveF: yeah, i agree. can you tell me what is ‘tagged’ ? is it a social networking site like… er . facebook?

LonelyJames: in my opinion Facebook is related more to your friends in real life, that is, your”first life”; and tagged is helpful when you want to meet cyber friends. and tagged is mostly a photo sharing site.

WaveF: ok, i see. but actually i am not use this at all. i prefer talk to my friend with gtalk(like u), messenger. that’s all. i have registered on facebook, but i also use it less.
anyway, thx your invitation.

LonelyJames: :)so thank u too.


These days I received several letters from a site named fanbox( http://www.fanbox.com ). Some users ask me a question which I should answer “yes” or “no” only. For example, “Do you agree with white lies?” and so on. After you chose your answer, fanbox will tell you how many people choose the same answer with you. After that you can spread the question by providing your email contacts, which is similar to tagged.

Both the two sites have the function of reading people’s contact information. The process of this function need you provide your account information, including password. They promised they only use your password once for reading the contacts, but this may be risky for users. Maybe for them the best way is link to a login page hosted by email providers such as Google. People may feel safer if it’s their SP let them login, rather than those SNS sites themselves.

Furthermore, those sites could test some ways to login as a united account like OpenID.