Why the new Google Reader REALLY SUCKS

Why Google cancelled Notes and the bookmarklet? It helped me save fragile articles which are plenty in China, Many posts are quickly deleted after they appeared. I used to save articles and my short note inside the Reader and share them to my audiences, eg https://www.google.com/reader/shared/lishuhang . Yeah right it stopped update today. Permanently.

From now on anyone who want to leave a commment or view the others’ posts has to enable Google+, And…it’s not the worse point.


OK you said they’re in my circles. BUT I EVEN DO NOT NEED THOSE FXXKING CIRCLES RIGHT NOW, I hate to categorize my followings and followers, the ONLY THING I need are the ITEMS. Damn cares who they are.

Google may know to quit its business in China to win some fame, and actually the services in China continues. But indeed they NEVER tried to understand Chinese netizens’s demand, They don’t know how important Google Services means to the people inside the wall – Because they don’t have to know. They’ve already quit China. Well done.

If you agree what I said you can do me a favor to spread this post. Let those dumb product manager know that I would even punch them once I meet them.