And you’ve just been Loaded.

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Natalie hosting 'Loaded'.

Because of my Podcast subscriptions, although living in China, I share many memories with Americans – those great anchors like Brian Williams, Diane Sawyer, Katie Couric, and Natali Morris.

–And wait! Who’s the last one?

The anchor of my favorite subscription, the ‘Loaded’ podcast from CNET TV. ‘Loaded’ introduce daily internet & IT news, 5 minutes per episode, once a day(twice until last summer).

The 'Loaded' Logo.

Each time ‘Loaded’ started with emotive drumbeats, and the unchanged greetings: “Hi, I’m Natali Del Conte, and it’s time to get loaded.”

You may say that program “not so valuable” – 5 minutes, with advertisements in the start and the end, the real program is within 3 minutes. However, in this 3 minutes you can make it clear that what on earth happened among the industry today. Such short programs are very rare in China, even in market news, short sections which end in several minutes are hardly seen. The short programs had filled my spare time in life – washing, bathing, breakfasting, or “toileting”.

Such short clips are debris of the internet bubbles when centuries being exchanged. People got crazy for “.com” that time, and IT media like magazines (‘WIRED’) and television were growing. On 1998 TechTV, an 24-hour tech channel was born in San Francisco. Sending exciting messages – just something like an new .com bloomed. (BTW China’s is keep making similar efforts, introducing new sites on it’s Tech channel’s column.)

TechTV “Dissolved” (the exact word in WikiPedia’s defination) together with the internet bubble. In 2004 TechTV merged with game channel G4TV. Tech news gave their place to game solutions. Then G4techTV returned to be G4TV, TechTV vanished. A failure of focusing the internet on traditional media’s way.

What’s worth notice is, the year 2004 is also when Podcasts gain attraction. At first geeks used ISDN and iPodder X(tool for cracking the iPod)to make it as a thrill, then Apple added this function to iTunes and printed the “Apple” mark on this term. It’s not stop other RSS readers and music players make use of Podcasts, I – for example – am subscribing various Podcasts via Google Reader , I just download and copy them to my iPod, since GR provides downloadable external links, while you can’t expect stable download inside iTunes.

Now many blogs such as CNET, Engadget, and the professional Twit TV provide tech Podcasts. Not so long, taking only your spare boring time, and that’s the destination of once energetic tech televisions. Tech matters have to be said in tech way.

Last year I started to subscribe ‘Loaded’, and started observing Natali on the screen. She changed her clothes every day. She disappeared few months (with Mark Licea and Jeff Bakalar in for her), and came back with an new family name, Morris. She gave birth to a baby.

Then before writing this blog, I sought Natali via WikiPedia and found she turned out to be married with an anchor of FOX. She works not only in CNET but also Wired, MarketWatch, TechCrunch as a columnist. (All are blogs I have to check in my work, I “hate” those sites.)

In China there was a song written “The most romantic thing I can ever imagine is to grow old with you slowly.” Well I just grow older slowly with someone … on the screen.  Not that romantic, but more wonderful, huh? Will I say Hello to Natali when I met her on the crowd? maybe, but as I see her as my old friend, she may only see me as one of her fans. How about with common people, not celebrities? On Facebook (and China’s Renren) all we love and miss thansformed themselves to some statuses, you know his/her daily life clearly but can not get him/her noticed. It seems like we waste our time again and again gazing the screen, pretend to be in love with or in friendship with the others, then realised it’s only a beautiful illusion.

Whatever it is, I can always ease myself when everyday I live my life with that simple voices.

Yep, that’s Natali.

“I’m Natali Morris with CNET TV, and you’ve just been Loaded.”