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Shuhang Li 李书航 is a freelance writer and editor of Chinese tech news website . Since 2010 he started to provide tech columns for multiple news outlets in China. From 2015 he started to provide outsoursing PR services for mid-sized and small-sized tech companies in China for their temporary media-related demands.




Making Timetable - Getting to know all important milestones through the process


Defining Budgets - How much did your company prepare for the campaign?


Pricing - Give a proper percentage according to my role in the campaign


Signing Agreement - All the duties and benifits are clearly arranged


Execution - Real-time interaction with the company representative


Evaluation and Payment - Getting ready for new demands and new round of cooperation

Media Platforms

As a freelance blogger based on various media platforms in China, Shuhang keeps an eye on the frontier of China's innovation and entrepreneurship. He started writing since 2010.

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Creative Works

During my spare time I may write songs using Garageband, draw pictures, or cooking. Hope you like some of them.

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Shuhang's Services

Product Launch

News release, distribution and plan for launch events

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Design (Beta)

Logo, User Interfaces and WordPress themes

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Media Relations

Offline courses and consultancy about cricis management

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