"Dare I say it, love for her"

Today采访了肯尼迪总统夫人的私人警卫 Clint Hill 。他最近出书写自己如何在肯尼迪遇刺的关头一直陪着总统夫人,此后又怎样在那么多年一直忍受着自责的煎熬,觉得自己本有可能阻止这一切发生。

Savannah Guthrie 问他:你是带着那么多对她的赞誉,倾慕,甚至是——我不知当不当问——爱意来写她吗?

Hill 回答:我被人说过,书中感情色彩有点太强了。是,我相当赞赏她,我确实尊敬她。我觉得你不应该说我爱她。

明知自己只能在那样一个特殊的环境下接近她,却依然那样去做了,Hill 无疑就是一个这样的人。他和她之间没有两情相悦,但他们应该比其他任何人都更了解对方。有时我们需要一点智慧才能了解其中的区别。

When Jackie Kennedy’s  secret service agent Clint Hill was asked by Today’s Savannah Guthrie, “You write about her with such admiration and affection and almost, dare I say it, love for her.”

“I’ve been accused of that,” He replied. “I think that’s a little bit too strong an emotion. Yes, I admired her a great deal. I really respected her. I don’t think you could really say that I loved her.”

Hill is definitely such kind of person that chose to get close to her after well known he can only do this with limit. Well there’s no love between them, but instead they may know each other more than anyone else. Sometimes it need some wisdom to learn the difference.